the grey area of dating

Dawn Wong, 35 years old

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Your friends start trying to set you up with other people. But you have feelings for him. Girl, this never ends the grey area of dating. You wish someone else could make the decision for you. Parts of it are great and parts of it are terrible. For the sake of sanity over the long term, avoid the total roller coaster relationships. In this case maybe, but not in all circumstances.

Things are going smooth as you were hoping they would be. Chalk it up the grey area of dating fear of the unknown, not wanting to seem to demanding too quickly or whatever the case may be. Maybe two or three days go by, but you generally share the burden of texting the other one first and so on. You meet for coffee or a casual drink on a Thursday night and to your delight, you still feel that spark you did when you met. You can even enjoy it together if they catch up before the next one premieres! Outside perception makes this level murky, especially on a college campus or small town. The key difference, I think, between this level and just getting to know each other is the amount of communication.

Because the grey area of dating is the absolute worst. She dropped knowledge bomb after knowledge bomb as she does , but the one that really stuck with me was the following:. Swap out leadership with dating or relationships, and it rings just as true. I have a wonderful crew of single gal pals who are always chirping at me about what I should write about next when it comes to dating in the digital age. I consider them my muses. The in between.
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the grey area of dating

the grey area of dating

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